What Do You Want From Me?

mark 10.51 The Great Physician has a question for you:

“What do you want from Me?” (Mark 10:51)

Poor, desperate, and blind, Bartimaeus had no other hope than the passing Savior; “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” he cried. Despite the objections of on-lookers, his desperate plea for mercy grew louder and louder until Jesus stopped, turned and called for him. Their exchange was brief, but transformational; “What do you want for Me?” … “Lord, let me receive my sight.” … “Your faith has made you well.” The Great Physician still heals the blind: those whose spiritual sight is darkened by their debilitating sinfulness. The Lord is passing this way, listening for cries of help. So today, admit you are blind, cry out for mercy and by faith, answer Him, “Lord, let me receive my sight.” For the whole story read Mark 10:46-52 Other post in the Jesus Has A Question For You series: Who Do You Say That I Am? Do You Want To Go Away As Well? What Were You Arguing About On The Way? Why Are You Afraid, O You Of Little Faith?