The Gentry’s  

Clay (42): A devoted husband, father, preacher, and rural mail carrier, Clay’s interests include reading, writing, cooking, gardening, and about anything outdoors!

Shelly (37): Along with caring for her precious family, and teaching bible classes, Shelly finds her passion in helping children overcome dyslexia. With any spare time, she also enjoys exercising and scouring consignment sales for a good bargain!

Isaac (12): A perceptive 7th grader, who loves playing soccer, riding his bike and scooter, and giving his parents heart attacks by climbing trees. As an avid reader, Isaac has dedicated himself to reading a book a week over summer break.

Lillie (8): Much to the chagrin of her parents, Lillie has recently discovered she can “paint” her own fingernails and toenails. She also loves playing “mommy” to her collection of dolls and fancies herself as a budding artist.

Micah (4) – Working hard every day at playing, Micah enjoys getting dirty and terrorizing his siblings.  

Anna (1) – Working hard every to develop and grow properly, Anna enjoys hanging out with Mommy. She’s looking to make here arrival at the end of May ’17.  

Anniversary: June 30, 2000ption

Have you ever felt as if God created you to do more in His church than simply warm a pew? Or, have you ever felt a yearning in your heart to live your life, not for yourself but in the service of others? We have, and that’s our story.

From our time with the Cason Lane congregation in Murfreesboro, TN, serving God’s people has been at the heart of our marriage. Whether it was showing hospitality, coordinating meals for the sick or the shut-ins, teaching bible classes, or traveling around doing appointment preaching, Shelly and I made it a priority to help anyway we could. However, it was my trip to Mariupol, Ukraine, in 2005, which ignited the fire to do even more.

Beginning in 2006, we made the decision to redirect our lives to by devoting our efforts attention to the work of full-time preaching. I had a well-paying job; Shelly had a budding tutoring business and together we were part of a great church family. Nevertheless, we knew our role in the church was to work full-time with a congregation. That is not to say that we did not experience some trepidation; there was a sense of fear of the unknown. However, we took the plunge when God blessed us with an invitation from an older, struggling congregation in Spring Hill, TN.

In January 2007, we began our work with the Lanton congregation. Our time with this beloved group of people has been one of growth and development as we have faced challenges and embraced victories together. The Lord has abundantly blessed our work through numerous conversions and restorations, increased spiritual growth and devotion, and by strengthening us as a family of believers.

Our story is one of service to God and to others. It would be our pleasure to discuss with you how we might serve you or your congregation.

Clay Gentry.