Wise Saying #17

Man trying to pick up woman Wise Saying #17:

“O my son, give me your heart. May your eyes take delight in following my ways. A prostitute is a dangerous trap; a promiscuous woman is as dangerous as falling into a narrow well. She hides and waits like a robber, eager to make more men unfaithful.” (23:26-28 NLT)

In today’s proverb, the Wiseman asks for our “heart” and “eyes” so he might warn us to avoid the fatal snare of the sexual predator[i]. With the calculating heart of a beast of prey, they ruthlessly use any means necessary to entice and capture their unsuspecting victim (cf. 2:16-19; 5:1-23; 6:20-35; 7:1-27). In their cold hearts, their deadly conduct is as natural as eating a meal (ref. 30:20). Therefore, falling into their clutches should be as frightening as the prospect of tumbling into a bottomless pit, or stuck in a narrow well, or beaten by merciless robbers. Once trapped, there is little hope for escape and it can cost you your soul (cf. 9:18; et al.). So friends, commit your “heart” and “eyes” to God and your beloved. When the enemy stalks you, tempting you with sex, run away as fast as you can, doing whatever it takes to escape. Oh Father, save us from this perverse and crooked generation. Give flight to our feet that we might swiftly flee to You for safety from our enemy. Amen.

This week’s theme is: The Thirty Sayings of the Wiseman

[i] I realize the term “sexual predator” is generally used to refer to adult men who prey on children. However, the term is not limited to pedophiles but describes the conduct of anyone, male or female, who is seen as obtaining or trying to obtain sex in a predatory manner whether their victim is a minor or consenting adult. Thus, I feel the term aptly describes the type of person the Wiseman is describing. Also, for the purposes of this post I am broadening the application to both sexes. The predatory tactics described in feminine terms throughout Proverbs also apply to adult males seeking to have illicit sex with adult females.

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