Love… The Main Ingredient This Thanksgiving

rockwell thanksgiving love

Don’t forget the main ingredient this thanksgiving,

“Better a dinner of herbs where love is than a fattened ox and hatred with it.” (Proverbs 15:17)

This coming Thursday, hundreds of millions of American families will gather around tables loaded down with the seasonal delights of a Thanksgiving feast. Nevertheless, what is on the table will be irrelevant if one ingredient is missing…“love.” Many families have meals filled with strife and tension. So often in fact, painful, critical and sarcastic conversation, punctuated with quiet rage becomes the family tradition and no one truly wants to be there. These things should never be in a Christian home; PERIOD! Therefore, as you prepare for your family’s Thanksgiving meal, also prepare your heart; asking God to fill it with love, kindness, and grace toward others. Then, and only then, can you truly enjoy this festive holiday season no matter what is served, or who serves it, or who you eat it with.

This weeks theme: Thanksgiving Thoughts

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