Who Do You Say That I Am?


Jesus the Christ has a question for you:

“But who do you say that I am?” (Luke 9:20)

“Who do the crowds say that I am?” Jesus asked. The apostles responded with the popular religious clichés of the day that equated the Savior with the great prophets. However, what ultimately mattered to Jesus was not what the crowds thought about Him, but what the disciples thought, “But who do you say that I am?” The answer every person gives to this question will determine their eternal destiny. It does not matter what others say about Jesus, His concern is your answer to His question, and He wants more than the mindless repetition of religious platitudes. You must know, understand, and accept for yourself that He is “the Christ, the Son of God.” Today, Jesus is asking you, “Who do you say that I am?” How will you respond?

For the whole story read: Luke 9:18-22

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One thought on “Who Do You Say That I Am?

  1. Jesús tiene una pregunta para ti.

    “¿Y vosotros, quién decís que soy?” (Lucas 9:20)

    “¿Quién dice la gente que soy yo?” preguntó Jesús. Los apóstoles respondieron con uno de los populares clichés religiosos del día que equipararon a Jesús con los grandes profetas. No obstante, lo que básicamente importaba a Jesús no era lo que la gente opinaba de Él, sino lo que discípulos opinaban, “¿Y vosotros, quién decís que soy?” La respuesta que cada persona da a esta pregunta determinará su destino eterno. No importa lo que otros dicen de Jesús, lo que Le interesa a Él es tu respuesta a Su pregunta, y Él quiere más que una repetición mecánica de clichés religiosas. Debes saber, entender y aceptar para tú mismo que Él es “el Cristo de Dios.” Hoy, Jesús te pregunta, “¿Y vosotros, quién decís que soy?” ¿Cómo vas a responder?

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