Don’t Leave A Question Mark At The End Of Your Life

question-markA few weeks ago I reached out to a man who had terminal cancer and major heart blockages asking if we could talk about spiritual matters. (You can read about the conversation here.)

This man knew the truth, had once lived for God, but sadly had turned his back on the Lord. Our conversation ended with him bluntly telling me that he would call me when he was good and ready.

He never called.

Shortly before noon today, he suddenly collapsed and died.

I know it’s an old preaching cliche to say you not guaranteed one more moment, but it’s so true. God only knows if this man, in the last seconds of life, turned to Him in faith.

Friend, don’t leave a big question make at the end of your life. Why test God’s patience? You need to Lord and you know you need Him. Don’t harden your heart toward your Savior. Come to Him before it’s too late.

As always, I’m more than happy to help you in your more about Christ. Please email me at, I’ll be happy to come along side you and walk with on your spiritual journey.

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