A Video Discussion of God’s Grace with Edwin Crozier

I recently sat down with my good friend Edwin Crozier to discuss God’s grace. In the course of our conversation we covered the following questions:

1. What is God’s grace?

2. Why do we need God’s grace?

3. How do we access God’s grace?

4. What does God’s grace do for us now?

5. Can we lose God’s grace?

6. How can we stand firm in God’s grace?

7. What does it mean to grow in God’s grace?

Edwin has written extensively on subject of God’s grace including a bible class workbook and numerous sermons and articles. You can find his material at www.edwincrozier.com and www.bburgchurchofchrist.org. It is our hope that your faith is strengthened and God is glorified through this video. If you would like to discuss this or any other spiritual matter you can email me at clay@claygentry.com or Edwin at edwin@edwincrozier.com.

You can find Edwin’s sermons on Grace here.

4 thoughts on “A Video Discussion of God’s Grace with Edwin Crozier

  1. I am Yahushua. Grace is ( G Race ) ( egg Race ) as your God I say I hate birth control and I hate abortion and I hate adultery. If your flock does not repent in 14 generations, I shall flood Earth. A Ghost is a ( G Host ): Masons use G because It is the center of LIGHT RIGHT MIGHT SIGHT and INTEGRITY. G begins God, and is the Center of a Rainbow. Green. Grace represents the G RACE. The one you seek is my unborn son Peace Masaya Mallett. Masaya always meant Happiness. Hebrew mashi ha was always Chinese-Japanese meaning ( summon the double edged sword) I am also the one you seek, but I am flying to Asia to marry a Mary.

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