Mark Bible Study Guide

I would like to introduce you to the newest installment in the Devoted to the Word Bible Study Series: The Gospel of Mark. As with all Devoted to the Word Bible studies, God’s word is the central focus of each lesson.

This study is specifically designed for serious seekers and/or new converts. It is a 8 week study of the Gospel of Mark. Each weekly lesson is divided into 5 daily readings and a weekend review. This will help instill the virtue of daily Bible study, and shorter readings will allow the student to delve deeply into the meaning and application of each reading.

Mark Bible Study Guide

6 thoughts on “Mark Bible Study Guide

  1. My sincere thanks. Very welcome in this part of Africa.
    Joanne Beckley, South Africa

  2. Thank you for this lovely read! I will have many more questions along my journey of knowledge and would enjoy conversations with you if possible!

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