A Parent’s Call To Arms: Defend Your Children… By Leading Them To The Lord!

The follow was posted to Facebook today by Serena DeGarmo. I felt compelled to share it with the readers of Sharing the Good News. Please take her thoughts to heart.

The recent news story of the Oklahoma mom who shot an intruder to protect herself and her baby is gaining momentum. American’s love a good shoot ’em up, good vs. evil story. We like to witness David kill Goliath. But as I’m sitting here thinking of the courage of this mom I am convicted that more mom’s should fight like this for their children’s soul. How many of are no-holds-bar when it comes to destroying spiritual strongholds that threaten our children? How many of us are too tired to read that bible study at night, too busy to monitor their TV programs or video games? How many of us have grown apathetic to the influence of their friends or even other family members? Today I am recommitted to defending and leading my children into the arms of a protector who will never let them go.

But the Lord says,

“For I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children” (Isaiah 49:25).

One thought on “A Parent’s Call To Arms: Defend Your Children… By Leading Them To The Lord!

  1. countless little ones can be on the globe who ? re dependent and they are kick the bucket as a consequence of misery children tend to be upcoming associated with tomorrow save children .

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