The Diary of a Bible

If your Bible could speak what would it say? Would it talk about how you use it often, or just leave it on the shelf? In this video we are challenged to examine how we view and how we use God’s word in our lives.

Why don’t you take out your Bible today and read it because, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing through the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

The Diary of a Bible Lesson

First Impressions:

1. Describe the role the Bible played in the day-to-day life of the family?

2. How did the father’s lack of respect for the Bible reflect in the families lack of respect it as well?

3. Why do you think the family had a Bible but rarely used it?

The Bible

4. The video opened with the words, “Luke 2 use to bring them such joy” but it seems that the word no longer brought them any joy. Consider David’s attitude toward God’s word from Psalm 119:

  • 119:16 –
  • 119:103 –
  • 119:97 –
  • 119:140 –
  • 119:161, 162 –
  • 119:174 –

5. How does a person develop such a deep love and respect for God’s word?

6. In the video, the father’s attitude toward the Bible influenced the family’s attitude (especially the children). Read Deu 6:6-7; Eph 6:4; 2 Tim 1:5. What role do parents/grandparents (esp. fathers) have in teaching God’s word to their children?  How will your love for God’s word help shape your child’s spiritual development?

7.Without the word, the family in our video had no real authority and was filled with hopelessness, particularly about what happens after death. Consider the meaning of Psa 119:105. How is God’s word a lamp that lights our way? What will be result(s) of walking in its light?

8. If your life was governed by a love and respect for God’s word, how would that affect the way you handled your Bible and the message it contains?

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