You’re Never Too Old

Today is sister Frances Smith’s 88th birthday. The following is a short article that I wrote about her back in ’07.

Sister Frances is a very special lady to me. She is teaching me a lot about what all a “gray haired” saint can do for the Lord. Whenever I go visiting, sister Frances is right there with me. Occasionally I’ll even let her drive us in her old ’78 Ford Ranger. It’s a real treat to hear her story of how she went from attending Vanderbilt (she studied physics) to raising Angus cows. But today I want to share with you three lessons the sister Frances is teaching me:

You’re never too old to learn. Sister Frances tells me that I have motivated her to re-read through her bible. Currently she is in the Psalms and figures she will make it through the entire bible later next year. Let us never think we are too old or too educated to learn something new. We must keep searching, digging, and working out our own salvation with fear and trembling. (Php 2:12)

You’re never too old to spread love. As you can see from the above picture sister Frances is always smiling. Her smile spreads love to everyone at Lanton. Sister Frances loves and cares for those who can no longer attend services because of health issues. She extends God’s love by visiting, calling, sending notes, and backing cookies for those who are home bound. (Heb 10:24)

You’re never too old to motivate others. Shelly started a special Thursday bible class for the ladies at Lanton. She tells me that sister Frances really motivates everyone to be present and ready to discuss their material. When I am teaching a class or delivering a sermon sister Frances is right there with me, bible in hand, ready to receive the word. She really motivates us to keep on teaching and preaching. (Heb 10:24)

Ultimately sister Frances is teaching me you’re never too old to be a Christian. To most people sister Frances is just any other senior citizen but to Shelly and me, along with everyone at Lanton, she is so much more. By the way… sister Frances is Lanton’s oldest member at the young age of 84. Lord willing she will have many more good years of service for the kingdom.

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