Titus – Paul’s Partner and Fellow Worker

When we survey the later part of the book of Acts we find a faithful band of men and women who traveled the ancient world preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. At the center of this sojourners and pilgrims was the apostle Paul, the tireless workhorse of the early church. But Paul didn’t work alone. He was not an army of one. He was not a one man show. Instead he surrounded himself with people he called “his partners and fellow workers.”

Some of Paul’s “partners and fellow workers” that Luke mentions are well known to most Bible students, such as: Barnabas, Silas, Pricilla and Aquila, Timothy, Apollos and Aristarchus. While others, such as Gaius, Secundus, Sopater, Tychicus Trophimus, and Erastus are not as well known. But there is one “partner and fellow worker” that Luke never mentions and that’s Titus. Titus was always there, tirelessly working behind the scenes, go where he was needed, saying what needed to be said and that’s why Paul would call him “my partner and fellow worker” (2 Cor 8:23). Titus is only mentioned twelve times in the New Testament[i] which has lead him to be an overlooked man of the faith. There’s a lot to be learned from Titus. Let’s his work with the early church and then learn four lessons from his life that will help strengthen our faith today.

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[i] Passages that mention Titus by name: 2 Cor 2:13, 7:6, 13, 14, 8:6, 16, 23, 12:18; Gal 2:1, 3; 2 Tim 4:10; Tit 1:4.


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