Do the Honorable Thing

This week’s Wisdom Wednesday is: Do the Honorable Thing

Keeping away from strife is an honor for a man, But any fool will quarrel. Proverbs 20:3 NASB

A36W5JIn today’s proverb, Solomon reminds us that the honorable thing for a man to do is avoid strife and quarreling, not engage in it. Because any ordinary fool can start an argument. We would do well to learn this lesson because too often we think the honorable thing to do is start and argument with someone and in the process crush them with our overwhelming knowledge of the facts. When in reality we only crush them with our over-inflated egos. Whether it’s with your spouse, a family member, a co-worker, a church member, or a friend; remember it more honorable to not start an argument than it is to win an argument.

Using this proverb as a mirror do you see yourself as an honorable man or a fool? If you avoid strife and quarreling then you are an honorable man. But if you like to quarrel about anything and everything then Solomon says that you are a fool. 

Today’s take away thought: Learn to do the honorable thing… pick your battles carefully (yes there are somethings worth fighting for), learn patience in dealing with others, and be a peacemaker.

Related proverbs: Proverbs 14:29, 16:32, 17:14, 18:6, 19:11


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